Personal Fitness Training

Your program will be supervised and tailored to your individual requirements under the expert guidance of Toni Dee.

checkmark Learn to exercise using proper form techniques.
checkmark Set and reach your personal goals.
checkmark Build a routine that fits your individual lifestyle.
checkmark Obtain the maximum benefit from your specific plan with motivation and expert coaching methods.

Toni Dee's One-on-One Fitness plan Includes:

checkmark Resistance Training resistance training
checkmark Nutritional Counseling
checkmark Stretch Therapy
checkmark Sports Conditioning
checkmark Functional and Core Training
checkmark Chronic Pain Management and Back Care
checkmark Post-Rehab Therapy
checkmark Contest Preparation
checkmark Trainer of Trainers
checkmark Female Sensual Image Coaching

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Resistance Training

Toni provides personalized programs created for men, women and children utilizing the most innovative methodology as well as the latest in exercise equipment.

Resistance should be an essential component of your fitness training regimen if you’re looking to do any of the following:

checkmark Fine-tune your physique

resistance training

resistance training

checkmark Improve your  game or sport
checkmark Enhance performance of everyday tasks
checkmark Get stronger
checkmark Gain more muscle size
checkmark Increase lean body mass
checkmark Increase bone density and strength
checkmark Change your body shape
checkmark Correct movement dysfunction

Achieve Pain Free movement

checkmark Reduce stress
checkmark Speed up your metabolism
checkmark Increase aerobic capacity and stamina

Resistance training involves using various modes of opposition to movements: barbells, dumbbells and other forms of weight as well as rubber tubing, medicine balls, partner-assistence, suspension and body weight. The resistance is key to overload specific muscles, groups of muscles  and movements to achieve the proper result. Training movement instead of just muscles.

Resistance training is utilized to improve posture, strengthen, firm, tone and even increase or decrease the size of muscles as well as increase bone density. Improving the “health” of muscles makes them more efficient at burning fat for fuel, and increasing the body's metabolism.

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Nutritional Counseling


Whether you’re looking to lose fat, gain muscle or just feel better, Toni uses simple and easy-to-follow eating programs for you to incorporate into your lifestyle.

There is a way to improve your body fat ratio through proper diet and exercise. Toni will discuss common diet mistakes . Myths will be dispelled and correct application will be clarified. Your eating plan will be designed to help you attain and maintain your fitness goals.

Contest dieting and preparation are also one of Toni’s specialties.

Dieting for Contest Preparation

Toni has won many championships, and as a judge, and trainer of champions, she has the knowledge and experience to create the winning contest diet. Preparing for the final phase of physique contest preparation is often the most difficult time for many competitors.

After a complete physique assessment,  Toni will create the optimal schedule,  outline the procedures and guide you through the process step by step.

Some of the subjects covered under this program are: Pre contest dieting, covering the basics of off-season dieting including building muscle, how to build a 12-week bodybuilding pre-contest diet, carbohydrate loading, controlling water intake, and much more...

Pre-contest training is also outlined and clarified.  See section: Contest Preparation

resistance training

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Stretch Therapy  -

Flexibility training

Stretch Therapy

We lose flexibility at the average rate of 1% per year!

When you add lifestyles of either too little or too much physical activity, increased stress levels, poor hydration and nutrition, then loss of flexibility accounts for an even more rapid acceleration of the aging process.

Flexibility training is beneficial for improving ease of movement, posture, reducing injuries and making your muscles lengthen much more efficiently.

Stretch Therapy is a valuable tool for proper movement in everyday life, athletic performance, sports-related injury prevention and rehabilitation. Flexibility will help to achieve optimal results from your resistance training routine. Your body will feel younger and more pliant.

Toni uses many different stretching methodologies such as: “AIS” (Active Isolated Stretch) - Mattes Method, Dynamic, static, PNF, Assisted stretching and Self Myofacial Release (SMR) techniques  are combined to facilitate her unique flexibility training and conditioning. 

Toni's methods are helpful for chronic pain sufferers, those with physical instabilities, and support for general health.

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Sports Conditioning

resistance training

Teens, weekend athletes and professionals alike can benefit from specialty exercise and flexibility training.

Enhance your performance, and improve your game. Develop skills that will enable you to move correctly and strengthen your body, and reduce the chance of injury and over-use. Develop deep core connections that facilitate better mechanics.

Functional training is an ideal way to help maximize sports performance. It can be a supplement to traditional weight lifting and provide additional benefits that directly transfer to a healthier athlete.

Your training program will incorporate the use of free weights such as dumbbells and barbells, pulley weight machines, elastic bands, various balls, suspension and balance equipment. The exercises will mimic the movements of the sport while working against resistance, as well as creating a balance for the chronic movement patterns of the sport.

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Functional and Core Training

Many of the aches and pains that we feel in our daily lives can be reduced by applying proper biomechanics of movement. All human movement is a combination of various functions. Each part is the sum of the whole. Human movement cannot take place without muscular function. Good movement requires proper length-tension relationships of the muscles and connective tissues.

check The core consistes of all the muscles that stabilize your spine. Work on your shoulder girdle and pelvis, as well as your trunk musculature.
check Do your core exercises daily to obtain optimal benefit.
check Strengthen your core and protect your back.
check Good posture is the proper alignment of the skeleton as it relates to forces. Joints will articulate correctly, thus reducing wear.

Functional Training makes use of bands, balls, free-weights, TRX™ and plyometric exercises to condition the body in an unstable environment. Proper progression is the key to success!

Core Training Tips

bullet Get a Movement Screen assessment by a trained professional. If your trainer is not assessing, they are guessing.

Improve every day movement with the proper corrective exercises. Learn from a professional.

Learn it right from the start.

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Chronic Pain Management and Back Care

Back Care

Toni works with clients with MS, Brain injuries, Osteoporosis, Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, joint pain, and the elderly. Injuries and aging can be a painful and crippling state.

The exercise program encompasses a combination of stretching, movement and strengthening exercises.

Non-invasive, gentle movement-based exercises and stretching helps to relieve chronic pain. 

Importantly, a well designed exercise routine provides the client with the means to help avoid recurrent pain, and reduce the severity and duration of potential future episodes. Corrective exercises are specific to the individual and their pathology

Movement distributes nutrients to soft tissues, keeping the spine, discs, muscles,   ligaments, fascia, and joints healthy.

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Post-Rehab Therapy

resistance trainingWhether you suffer from a sports injury, in an accident, disease, have a disability, or over-use pain, you will need to regain functional ability.

There is a need for Assessing and learning proper movement. Avoid compensation patterns that can result in repetitive stress injuries. It is extremely important to continue to improve your physical health, well being and quality of life.

Toni will do a Functional Movement Screen (FMS) to assess your needs, then guide you, in your recovery with exercises and stretches. Armed with a  fitness routine that you can perform daily or as needed, you can continue to reap the rewards of your therapy and regain or improve your physical status. Many of the physical problems that we encounter can be avoided by using proper biomechanics. Rehabilitation means activating underactive muscles, shuting down overactive ones.

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Contest Preparatio

contest preparationIf you  are an amateur or a professional, a man or a woman, displaying your body in its best light is equally as important as all the hard work you invest in building your muscles.

The "art" of Physique Presentation is for all classes of physique contests. For the fundamentals of posing and bodybuilding contest preparation, including details on how to properly perform each pose to show off a competitors strengths and shape, Toni covers subjects such as:

Check Mark Pre-contest preparation & Posing Suit selection.
Check Mark Stage Presentation & Routine Choreography to music.
Check Mark Tanning techniques and dye selection/application
Check Mark Hair & Makeup, oil application, shaving for a contest.
Check Mark Getting pumped-up backstage.

Contest dieting is a major part of the preparation itself.  You will be guided in a step-by-step plan to bring you from  the beginning of the diet until you step on stage and the photo shoots the next day! Learn more about Nutrition in the section Nutritional Counseling

Toni Lying Hamstring Pose

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Trainer of Trainers

Toni offers Professional Instructor guidance and grooming for the personal trainer, coach or group exercise instructor.

Whether you are already an instructor or wish to become one, you can improve your teaching skills and gain a mastery of cuing techniques and instructional aides.

Learn to use your voice to motivate and educate. Hands-on tips and rules for females and males. Tried and tested client relationship and retention tips.

Selling yourself can be the hardest part in this business. Toni can teach you how to "ask for the sale" and be confident doing it.

Toni has flown around the country representing several large fitness organizations training trainers, presenting workshops and master classes for instructor development.

All Personal Trainers and Group Fitness Instructors can benefit from the knowledge of 30+ years of experience.

Trainer Of Trainers

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Female Sensual Image Coaching

sensual coachToni's Strip Teeze Workout™ teaches women how to feel comfortable with their bodies and sexuality through movement.

Unleash your inner goddess and power! Enjoy a better self-image and awareness.

Individual instruction and group classes are available. Both are presented in a safe, comfortable setting.

As an exotic dancer and strip tease artist, Toni has used her talent professionally for 20 years.

An accomplished fitness model who has posed for hundreds of magazines and videos, Toni's style, sensuality and grace really  "turns it on"!

Toni’s creativity, compassion and understanding of sensual movement will allow you to channel your sexual energy.  You will be in charge and have the power to say YES or NO. Learn to love the uniqueness of your body and enjoy your special power. Take control of your femininity and make it a strength!


sensual coachPARTIES
Want to try something special for your bachelorette party, baby shower, girl friends party? Try a Strip Teeze /Goddess Workout.

Learn how to move like an exotic dancer, take off your clothes, entice and tease like a stripper and have lots of good clean FUN!!

Contact Toni for rates and availability or check out the up-to-date class schedule

PurpleToni Dee and her Strip Teeze Workout™ has made it in the News! This past April 10, 2005 in the Lifestyles section of the The News Marin Independent Journal (page D-1 & D-8) read the article titled "Sexy, sassy and strutting their stuff" where Toni Dee is featured and quoted several times about the boom of female sensuality classes in North bay area. Her Strip Teeze Workout™ is promoted as a wonderful workout for opening the inner goddess.

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