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Updated: Nov 12, 2021

Posture is the foundation of all movement. If you have poor posture your movement will be poor!

Movement is essential to a supple and functional body. The proper movement patterns will make your body stronger and more able to deal with life's challenges. However, improper movement patterns can create a negative effect on the bones, tissues, and nervous system.

Poor posture can enhance those negative effects. The bones should stack on top of each other correctly in order for the joints to move properly.

I love analogies to explain:

If the frame and foundation of a house are not plumb and balanced then the doors and windows will not open and close with ease. - If your posture is faulty then the joints can not move well, causing irritation, pain, and eventually arthritis.

The old saying pull your shoulders back and stand up straight is SO TRUE.

Activities of our daily life can include some not-so-good repetitive patterns, like stooping, head forward, and rounding the spine.

Be aware of your alignment - look in a mirror, have someone sneak a picture while you are deep in your work on the computer, at the TV, at a party, or just lounging. You may be alarmed at what you see.


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