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New Year’s resolution success

This is the time of year that many people set new goals or make resolutions to change or do something.

How can you make New Year’s resolutions or goals successful

  • Make them realistic and attainable

  • Be specific

  • But not too rigid

  • Have a game plan & write it down

  • Have measurable ways of determining your success

  • Have a way of charting or tracking

  • Set short-term and long-term goals

  • What are the benefits of attaining this goal?

  • Make a pros and cons list

  • Make the positive outcome clear

  • Have support, and share your goals with a friend

  • Try to have some fun and involve other people

  • Schedule check-in times to track your progress

  • Reward yourself

  • Don't beat yourself up

  • Don’t overextend yourself

  • Don’t make it if you know you’re going to break it

  • Keep trying

  • Have a Plan B

Winston Churchill said: “He who fails to plan is planning to fail”

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