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Women's history month

Did you know that March is Woman's History Month?

In 1987, March was designated by Congress as National Women's History Month.

But its roots go much deeper than that.

It all started at a meeting in Manhattan on February 28, 1909. This day was marked as the first National Woman's Day.

In March 1910, At the 2nd annual International Conference of Working Women, in Copenhagen, German activist Clara Zetkin suggested that International Woman's Day be recognized as an international holiday on the last Sunday in February — and all 17 countries in attendance at the conference agreed.

In 1911, More than one million women and men attended IWD rallies campaigning for women's rights to work, vote, be trained, hold public office, and end discrimination.

The Holiday was not widely celebrated in America until the UN recognized it in 1975.

By March 1980, President Jimmy Carter declared March 8 as the start of National Woman's week.

In 1987 March was designated to be a month of celebrating the accomplishments and paying tribute to the often-overlooked contributions of women in the United States.

Women's History Month provides an opportunity to honor the generations of trailblazing women and girls who have contributed to the building of our Nation, shaping our progress, and strengthening our character as a people.

Recognizing the achievements of women in all facets of life – science, community, government, literature, art, sports, medicine.

This commendation has an enormous impact on the development of self-esteem and new opportunities for girls and young women everywhere. Expanding their awareness of what is possible, to break into the Male-dominated roles, and create a path for women of all nationalities, cultures, and backgrounds.

The 2022 Theme for Woman's History Month is “Women Providing Healing, Promoting Hope,” which pays tribute to frontline workers and caregivers who have provided ongoing support during the pandemic.

The National Women’s History Alliance said, “the 2022 theme proudly honors those who, in both public and private life, provide healing and promote hope for the betterment of all.”

Some inspirational quotes:

"Well-behaved women rarely make history."

- Eleanor Roosevelt

"Here’s to strong women.

May we know them.

May we be them.

May we raise them."

- Michelle Obama

"A woman with a voice is, by definition, a strong woman. But the search to find that voice can be remarkably difficult."

- Melinda Gates

"Strong women don't have attitudes, they have standards and boundaries."

BE STRONG- when you are weak,

BE BRAVE - when you are scared,

BE HUMBLE - when you are victorious,

BE BADASS - every day

"Be Fantastic and Grateful...Everyday"

- Toni Dee


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