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This is the ultimate Core workout!

We will do a variety of exercises and often use Stability Balls, Foam Rollers, Straps, blocks and weights. The best core exercises may surprise you. The core is made of all the muscles that stabilize your spine.....That's a lot.

We will work more than just the Abs, do some great stretches, and as always, modifications are given.

Increases balance, mobility, posture, core and overall  strength. Learn techniques for getting the most out of your current workout, and experience some great new exercises.

Monday -Wednesday- Friday at 8:00am


from strength to strength

Experience the Original Body Pump®!

It's a revolutionary workout that makes use of barbells with adjustable weights and hand weights for a Total Body Workout, raising metabolic rate for rapid fat-burning. A Les Mills Program taught with excellent instruction in form and execution techniques by Toni. Get all the benefits of a free weight workout and muscle endurance training in a class with music that rocks!! Music and Release tacks are changed frequently for more fun and variety in your experience.

Men LOVE this class too! Students of all levels of fitness are encouraged to participate. Various weight equipment can be substituted. 

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Monday & Wednesday 5:30pm
Saturday 9:30am PST


Body Sculpting plus Cardio

You get the strength benefits from a weighted workout starting with bouts of Hi-Intensity  Interval training, to firm and tone your entire body, improve posture and endurance.... All this, while burning lots of calories and having a blast. This class is appropriate for all fitness levels.

Various other weight equipment can be substituted for the bar, if you do not have one. 

Thursday 8am PST



This fun and enthusiastic workout is done outside in a park with trees, grass, sand, sun, shade and small hills. Class size is limited to 8 people,  we do a circuit type of workout using hand weights, bands, bodyweight and TRX suspension trainers. We can even use the playground equipment. We wipe down and sanitize all the equipment, wear masks, and physically distance, but we socially connect.


FRIDAY 9:30am in NOVATO, CA 
Please, confirm 48 hours before.



Bringing back the 80s... STEP AEROBICS! Easy to follow stepping routine using an adjustable platform. All routines are progressive choreography allowing for simple to complex options.

You will do at least 6,000 steps in an hour without even realizing it! Be prepared to sweat.

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Dancing and stretching to release the inner Goddess..... Enabling women to enjoy their sensual power. This class focuses on the movements of the feminine body, releasing tension as well as liberating the unique female spirit. Feeling more confident and empowered as a woman. Naughty pilates and Sexy Yoga floor work and deep stretches for the hips, Abs and back to Tone and firm your body. 

Only private lessons + classes available.