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Etta at 93, Toni Dee specializes in senior fitness

Etta A

Toni is my inspiration. She keeps me going and motivated. She is patient and empathetic.  I feel safe and know that I am doing the correct exercises for my body. At 93 you can not be too careful. Toni guides me and watches my form carefully. I have overcome several issues in my knees, feet, and back since working with her. I had a fall with a shoulder injury and she treated me throughout the process of healing and recovery. She really knows her stuff. 

My posture has improved dramatically .

I just goes to show that you are never too old to make changes.

Cynthia S trains with Toni Dee

Cynthia S

Toni Dee is seriously the best trainer in Marin. Having been a personal training myself, I needed a jumpstart after being burnt out and noticing the appearance of "body part loose-ness". Toni is succinct, clear and will get anybody going. She is as well versed with the body as anyone I know.  I respect her knowledge and training. If you want a no baloney approach to getting fit and looking great, make sure you sign up to train with Toni Dee at Corte Madera's Fitness SF.

Karen Drucker trained with Toni Dee

Karen D

The amazing Toni Dee is so knowledgeable, fun, relatable, and she kicked my butt to bring out the best in me. I loved her style, sense of humor and how she knows so much about what my body needed. Having a trainer to get me started at this gym really made the difference and now I have a real concrete training plan - this time I am loving this place and it's mainly because Toni made me understand how to really use it to my advantage. Thank you again Toni - you rock!

Jessica K trained with Toni Dee for corrective and rehabilitation

Jessica K

Ms. Toni Dee already had me impressed by our very first session together. She doesn't just hand you a cookie-cutter plan. She put me through a mini physical test, to understand how my body moves. Toni was able to point out my injuries, without me even telling her about them . From there, she created a customized workout plan. So far, it's been amazing, I move better without pain. This woman is talented, patient and simply amazing. Toni has a heart of gold and cracks me up (which is torture during ab work, but I love her!).

Thank you Toni for doing what you do! You're the best.

Toni Dee specializes in mobility trining

Anne S.

I choose Toni as my trainer after watching her working with an elderly client at the gym for several months.   To see Toni embrace this woman where she was in her 90 year old body and led her through stretches, and weight machines with gentle and patient direction and encouragement was amazing.  

My 68 year old body and mind needed help after being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease that was making me grow stiffer.  

 She meets me wherever I am in my body and mind and always, always leaves me feeling stronger, happier and refreshed in body and mind.  I am eternally grateful to have her knowledge, patience and great humor guide me through the challenges of aging.  

Toni Dee specialzes in postd rehab therapy and corrective exercise

Joe J

Toni saved me from so much pain and discomfort. I had a bad fall and the doctors sent me to physical therapy. I was  not getting better so I decided to go to Toni. She looked at my movement patterns and took me through some very easy to follow exercises and stretches. I feel 100% better. 

Thank you for guiding me to success.  

Jamie Lamka trains with Toni Dee for post rehabilation

Jamie L

She is the bomb!   Toni was my trainer before my accident, and she got me walking again afterward. Her understanding of the human body is far above most other trainers and instructors. I am a veteran Iyengar Yoga instructor and I know quality. Her knowledge of corrective exercise and anatomy is unparalleled .

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