Your program will be supervised and tailored to your individual requirements under the expert
guidance of Toni Dee. Learn to exercise using proper form and technique. 
Build a routine that fits your individual lifestyle. Set and reach your personal goals.


Toni Dee's One-on-One Fitness plans can include:


Resistance training is for EVERYONE: all ages, genders and backgrounds, not just people who want to get big muscles. It's not how much weight your lifting, its how you are lifting it, that gives the desired effect. Weight training builds strong bones and bodies.

Resistance training involves using various modes of opposition to movements such as: barbells, dumbbells, rubber tubing, medicine balls, kettlebells, partner-assistance, body weight and suspension.


Stretch Therapy is a valuable tool for proper movement in everyday life, athletic performance, sports-related injury prevention and rehabilitation. Your body will feel younger and more pliable. Toni uses many different stretching methodologies such as: Active Isolated Stretch (AIS), Dynamic, static, PNF, Assisted stretching, Self Myofascial Release (SMR), breathing, and Yoga. Toni's methods are helpful for chronic pain sufferers, those with physical instabilities, and for general health.


Exercises that train the body to perform the activities of daily living more easily and without injuries. All human movement is a combination of various functions. Each part is the sum of the whole. In other words .. our muscles work together with the stabilizers, movers and connective tissue to create movement, they must function properly to ensure good bio-mechanics.

Functional Training makes use of bands, balls, free-weights, TRX™ and plyometric exercises to condition the body in an unstable environment. Proper progression is the key to success!


Non-invasive, gentle movement-based exercises and stretching help to relieve chronic pain.

There is a need for Assessing and learning proper movement. Avoid compensation patterns that can result in repetitive stress injuries. It is extremely important to continue to improve your physical health, well being and quality of life. Toni does a comprehensive movement assessment to determine appropriate exercises.

Post Re-Hab Therapy Exercises

Whether you suffered from a sports injury, been in an accident, have a disease, over-use pain, or a disability, you will need to regain functional ability.

Toni will do a Functional Movement Screen (FMS) to assess your needs, then guide you, in your recovery with exercises and stretches. Armed with a  fitness routine that you can perform daily or as needed, you can continue to reap the rewards of your therapy and regain or improve your physical status. Many of the physical problems that we encounter can be avoided by using proper bio-mechanics. Rehabilitation means activating under-active muscles,  while shutting down overactive ones. Creating proper length tension relationships within the muscles.


Whether you’re looking to lose fat, gain muscle or just feel better, Toni uses simple and easy-to-follow eating programs for you to incorporate into your lifestyle. Tracking your food intake in essential to learning what your body is getting and needs.


Toni offers Professional Instructor guidance and grooming for the personal trainers, coaches or group exercise instructors. Whether you are already an instructor or wish to become one, you can improve your teaching skills and gain a mastery of cuing techniques and instructional aides. Learn to use your voice to motivate and educate. Hands-on tips and rules for females and males. Tried and tested client relationship and retention tips. Selling yourself can be the hardest part in this business. Toni can teach you how to "ask for the sale" and be confident doing it. Toni has traveled around the country representing several large fitness organizations, training trainers, presenting workshops and master classes for instructor development. All Personal Trainers and Group Fitness Instructors can benefit from the knowledge of 30+ years of experience.

image consultant

Toni's  Strip Teeze Workout™ teaches women how to feel comfortable with their bodies and sexuality through movement.

Unleash your inner goddess and power! Enjoy a better self-image and awareness.

Individual instruction and group classes are available. Both are presented in a safe, comfortable setting. 

As an exotic dancer and strip tease artist, Toni has used her talent professionally for 23 years.

An accomplished fitness model who has posed for hundreds of magazines and videos, Toni's style, sensuality and grace really  "turns it on"! 

Her creativity, compassion and understanding of sensual movement will allow you to channel your own sensual energy.  You will be in charge and have the power to say YES or NO. Learn to love the uniqueness of your body and enjoy your special power. Take control of your femininity and make it a strength!

Learn how to move like an exotic dancer, strengthen and tone muscles, entice and tease like a stripper and have lots of good clean FUN!!

Want to try something special for your bachelorette party, baby shower, girl friends party? Try a Strip Teeze /Goddess Workout. 



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