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Is it BC or BCE? Which is correct?

I've been researching different historical events and keep coming up with these two terms, BC or BCE, so I asked Google... What is the difference between using BC or BCE?

Here is what I came up with.

BC (Before Christ) and AD (Anno Domini, which means "In the Year of Our Lord" in Latin) are terms used to label years in the Gregorian calendar and other calendars based on the traditional reckoning of the birth of Jesus Christ.

BCE (Before the Common Era) refers to years before the traditionally accepted year of the birth of Jesus Christ.

CE (The Common Era) refers to the period from the traditional date associated with the birth of Jesus Christ and beyond.

The timeline is the same for both terms.

The main difference is in the terminology used to denote the eras, with BC/AD having a Christian religious connotation and BCE/CE being more secular alternatives. The choice of which to use depends on personal, cultural, or academic preferences.

So, you can use either one and be correct.

Before Christ or Before Common Era BC or BCE


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