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2 minute neck remedy

Due to all the head forward things we do daily - working on the computer, reading, typing, texting, looking at our phones, cooking, cleaning, looking at the ground while walking, etc.. you get the idea, our posterior (back) neck muscles tend to get strained and overstretched creating dysfunction in the deep neck flexors and front of the neck musculature.

This tension can cause headaches, sore neck, eye strain, tight jaw, teeth grinding, and even low back pain.

I've created this simple 2-minute sequence to release some tensions and feel refreshed:

START BY: Sitting or standing up tall -

1. strongly shrug your shoulders up to your ears and hold for 5 seconds while you inhale, then forcefully exhale and quickly pull the shoulders back down - repeat 4 times.

2. Pull your shoulders down by reaching your arms to your sides while staying tall - maintain this position throughout the next exercises.

3. Intentionally turn your head side to side, like your saying NO - 2 times. Continue to try to look behind you even with your eyes, holding for 4 seconds on each side.

4. Look straight ahead, tilt your head, and bend your ear to each shoulder, hold for 4 seconds per side.

5. Repeat #4, then look up while tilting head to the side, hold 4 seconds

6. Repeat #5, but look down, hold 4 seconds

7. Pull your chin back - like someone put something disgusting in front of your nose - then nod your head forward, hold for 4 seconds

8. Look up and push your chin to the ceiling as if you were shaving your neck, hold 4 seconds

9. Repeat # 7 & 8 again

10. Roll your shoulders 2 times forward, then 2 times backward.

Now go and have a refreshed day.


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