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add a ...yet to make your thoughts brighter.

We are nearing the end of another year. Yours may have been stressful with all the pandemic issues, and a myriad of other things that could have gone wrong.

When you are feeling trapped or stuck, you can use something to leave your options open for an opportunity.

An Ellipsis or a dot dot dot, then Yet.

A period adds finality, the ellipsis leaves an opening, moving from a negative to a place of hope.

Take the comments:

"This pandemic is not over."

"We are not back to normal."

Now add a ...yet.

See how it changes the doomed statement and gives it the possibility to be posititive.

It allows you to let go, and frees you to create space while reducing stress. Like a little prayer.

Use this method on things that hold you back.

"I'm not in good shape... yet

"I'm not happy...yet"

"I can't ______...yet.

You get it. Now try it for yourself.

I hope that your new year is filled with opportunity and hope.

God bless you.

Remember to:

Be fantastic and grateful...everyday.


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