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Be Fantastic and Grateful...Everyday

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

I'm going to paraphrase these words from someone wise..

Remember where you came from,

Where you've been,

Where you are now,

And how you got there.

One of my favorite sayings is:

Be Fantastic and Grateful...Everyday.

I live by it so much that I had it tattooed on my forearm several years ago. It serves as a reminder and positivity for when I am feeling blue.

I had another reality check when a wonderful man who I knew and respected in the fitness industry, that was my age, passed away last weekend from a sudden illness. I am devastated and saddened.

A few have departed us in these past weeks, and many more in the past few years. Family, Friends, and Pets.

For those who we have loved and lost and those still with us.

Every moment is precious - every moment is a gift.

  • Keep the ones you love close, and take the time to be with them whenever possible.

  • You never know when they are not going to be here.

  • Or how long you are going to be here.

  • Don't hold back, let your love flow and grow.

  • Love the ones you're with, and let them know it.

  • Take the time, now, to be with the ones you love and show it.

Be Fantastic and Grateful Everyday
Be Fantastic and Grateful Everyday


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