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Grocery Store etiquette

When you go to the produce isles at the grocery store you may want to feel the fruit or vegetables for ripeness, smell, and squeeze it. How can you do it without touching everything?

* Use the small plastic bag in the grocery store, open it and stick your hand inside, now you have a protective layer between you and the item.

Next obstacle to overcome - Opening the bag.

* Use the water from the produce sprayer on your fingertips to open the bag. Slip your hand inside and when you find the piece that you want, just grab it and turn the bag inside out to hold it.

Walla, you haven't touched anything except the inside of the bag.

Make sure that you re-use the bags at home to avoid the waste of more bags. You can also bring your own bags to the store and do the same procedure.

Please wash your produce before eating, since you are probably the only one who has not touched it.

Happy shopping


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