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Alignment improvement through Zoom

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

When I taught a BODY PUMP class in person, I would face the class with my back to the mirror. After years of doing this, I did not notice the dysfunctions that it was creating.

I have had many injuries in my lifetime - not necessarily from working out. Scoliosis, Car accidents, Horses falling on me and me off of them, Snowboard falls, and other acute injuries, set up for pattern changes. Even being one-side dominant can create dysfunction.

If we start to lean or twist one way after a while, if uncorrected, it becomes a new normal pattern. These “bad” patterns create stress on the joints and tissues causing pain and more dysfunction. Poor movement patterns lead to arthritis, overuse injuries, length-tension relationships being thrown off, incorrect muscular use, and bad habits.

Even though I’m very conscious of using great form and alignment, it still breaks down with time and repetition, especially when undetected. I was experiencing some pretty serious issues and thought I would have to quit teaching BODY PUMP, but due to Covid and teaching online, I've spotted a few movement dysfunctions in my own body. Teaching on Zoom gave me the eye to see my form enabling me to improve my body alignment. Now the exercise that I love so much is beneficial instead of detrimental.

What can you do? You can check your form by using a mirror, or your image on Zoom. You can also set up a camera to record yourself exercising. The best method of all is to have a trained eye observe your movement and take the time to correct the issues.

Just because you have been doing something for a long time does not mean that you are doing it with the best alignment or form. Your “normal” patterns could be what is keeping you from attaining your optimal fitness.


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