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Cats are complicated, but we love them

Updated: Nov 19, 2023

Happy International Cat day, August 8, 2023.

Those of you who know me know that I am a passionate cat owner and lover. I love all animals, but I have a special fondness for Cats. You may have even met my two kitties, Sophia and Reggi, they regularly join the Zoom classes and are featured in many of my Instagram posts. They keep me laughing and entertained all day and night (it’s worth the loss of sleep at times) and they are full love to share.

When I heard this phrase it fit so well.

A dog sees their owners as gods.

Cats think of themselves as Gods.

-Dr. Yuki Hattori

Cats are complicated.

Anyone can unlock a cat‘s true potential if you learn its secrets.

Yes, cats are trainable, be patient, use the right incentives, and learn their abilities and desires.

There are over 400 million domestic cats in the world. Felis catus are one of the ten most successful mammals to ever walk the earth.

A cat's DNA has not changed much in tens of thousands of years, it doesn’t need to change. It's almost perfect (okay, I'm biased)

Cats have been with humans for over 10,000 years.

Now that’s a long relationship!

Cats are all so individual, they have unique personalities.

Cats are very different from dogs, not superior just different.

Are they aloof or just independent? Don’t mistake independence for indifference.

Cats have a unique physical structure that makes them very agile, supple and coordinated.

They have more vertebrae than most mammals and have elastic cushioning disks between each vertebra.

Their efficient muscular system can activate 100% of their muscles when they jump, which allows them to jump between five and six times their length in height, And a tail to counterbalance in mid-air.

They have amazing proprioception (the ability to know where their body and limbs are in space), and a super in-tuned righting reflex.

Their reflexes are twice as fast as ours, and faster than any other pet.

They can hear ultrasonic frequencies up to 85,000 vibrations per second, greatly exceeding the hearing capabilities of dogs, which register 35,000 vibrations per second. Not comparing though ;-)

Pound for pound they can be the wildest, strongest, and most flexible mammals on the planet.

So do you still think that the cat is just a passive lap pet? #cats #mindofacat #catlove #lovecats #cat #catsaspets #Ilovecats #catsarethebest

I highly recommend taking the hour to watch this documentary on Netflix, it’s very informative, funny, and interesting.

Even if you aren’t a cat person, It is worth the time.

I think you’ll respect our feline friends even more.

  • Inside the Mind of a cat

Other worthwhile programs on the same topic, on Netflix are:

  • The hidden lives of pets

  • Cat people

  • Kitty Love: an Homage to Cats

  • The secret life of pets animated movie

Bobbi, my Cat
Bobbi the Cat


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