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This is not just about eating but surviving with friends and family.

  • Remind yourself - why we are gathering and ENJOY the time

  • BE KIND- regardless of everyone else - set an example.

  • DTIP = Don't take it personally

  • Don't talk politics at the dinner table

  • Have an attitude of gratitude

  • If you can work-out before - It will boost your metabolism.

  • I'm teaching a Cardio Hiit and BodyPump class at 8am Thursday - Join me.

Eating tips & more.

  • Don't go overboard on appetizers

  • Avoid alcohol before eating - it can lower your willpower and make you crave salt.

  • Use a smaller plate

  • Fill your plate with vegetables and salad before putting on the other items

  • Make smart choices - fewer carbs and more veggies

  • Take a small number of things to taste, you can go back for more of your favorites. Think of it as sampling before buying the calories.

  • This will also fill you up some and you will be less likely to get too much more later.

  • Watch your portion size

  • If you don't LOVE it - don't eat more - Sometimes we keep eating hoping that it will taste better.... Wasted calories

  • Drink water

  • Eat slowly

  • Finish your bite before eating more or talking

  • Do not talk with your mouth full!

  • Wait for everyone at the table to finish before getting more

  • Eat a healthy breakfast so you don't go in famished

  • Eat light the rest of the day, or even weekend

  • Take a walk after dinner

  • Wear form-fitting clothes.. less tempting to overstuff yourself and have to unbutton your pants.

  • Draw a clear finished line! Stop when you are full.

  • If you still stuffed yourself -

  • Forgive yourself and eat better tomorrow

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