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Sweet alternatives

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

I promised to elaborate more on last week's blog about sugar intake.

1. Eating healthier means eating fewer processed foods.

2. Avoid added sugars and high sugar foods in general. Even natural or organic foods can contain high levels of sugar.

3. Eating more whole foods, means eating more of the whole fruit, vegetables, and grains as it comes from the plant.

4. Eating clean means limiting the additives such as sugar, salt, butter, sauces, and marinades.

Start with cleansing your palate by reducing the sweetening and salting of foods.

The more sweets and salts you eat the less sensitive your palate will be.

Once you've done it for a while, you will be amazed how much sweeter vegetables and other foods taste, without the added stuff.

5. Taming your sweet tooth can be incredibly difficult.

  • Fruits can be a good option. The whole fruit contains fiber which slows the absorption of sugars into your blood stream, keeping your blood sugar from rising too quickly.

  • Juices contain high levels of sugar without the fiber.

  • Dried fruit contains lots of sugar - stick to the fresh varieties.

  • Fruit also contains lots of other healthy nutrients.

  • Here are some varieties are lower in sugar:

    • Citrus

    • Berries

    • Melons

    • Kiwi

    • Peaches

6. Remember that serving size makes all the difference.

7. When you have a sweet craving eat some protein with no carbs or low carbs. You don’t need a lot. Animal protein is best (no carbs)= a piece of chicken, an egg, Cottage cheese (low carb) or Tofu (low carb for vegans).

8. Here are a few sugar substitutes to use when you really want that sweet taste.

  • Stevia, Monk Fruit sweetener, and Erythritol (sugar alcohol), do not raise blood sugar levels. These make for an excellent sugar replacement.

  • Make sure you read the labels to see if anything else is added.

  • No processed sweetener can beat using fresh whole fruit to sweeten foods. Except it will be hard to drink your coffee with berries smashed in it.

9. Everything in moderation.

10. Most importantly, life is short, enjoy it and sometimes you need to say "WFT I'm going to eat it!”


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