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Laughter really is the best medicine

Updated: Oct 21, 2023

Laughter is the best medicine - I heard this so much growing up. My mom swore by it, she was pretty funny too. I laughed a lot growing up. I was also a pretty good joke teller.

Now seriously - LOL

With all this negativity around us, it is so important to get back to lightness and humor.

Laughter has many positive health side effects:

  • Laughter causes the release of endorphins increasing pain tolerance.

  • Laughter boosts your immune system by releasing anti-infection antibodies to help protect your body.

  • Laughter reduces stress by helping to regulate Cortisol.

  • Laughter increases oxygen intake in the blood and kicks up your heart rate to increase circulation.

  • Laughter relaxes your muscles, relieving tension and stress.

Laughing out loud is also good for toning your abdominals. Try a series of prolonged and repeated laughs out loud, feel our abs tighten to force out the sound.

Try laughing out loud when you are in your car alone. Do you feel more energized?

Try to NOT be so serious, look at the possible bright and funny side of things. One of the reasons that stand-up comedy is so good is because it does just that - make fun of life's stuff.

When my daughter was 5 years old, she looked at the crows feet by my eyes and asked what those lines were? I said that the were smile and laugh lines because I'm so happy. The next week she came up to me, pointing to the side of her eyes and said "look.. I think I'm getting some too!". From the mouths of babes.

Live Comedy shows are back, it is helpful to be around other people that are also laughing to release inhibitions.

But even participating with a good comic or funny show on TV can be beneficial - Don't just watch - let it go and laugh out loud. Laughter is a good thing!

Now take a deep breath and let out a BIG belly laugh and enjoy your day.

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