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I'm stiff already, why do I need Core stability?

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

Why "Core stability"?

The core is made of all the muscles that move or stabilize your spine.

Our bodies want to be stable first! That is part of the reason that we get stiff. There is a BIG difference between stiff and stable.

If we do not have the ability to 3-dimensionally stabilize the spine under load and gravitational forces, then our bodies will tighten up tissues to attempt to provide it, but it may not be in the best alignment or allow for good movement. Core strength is the ability of the muscles and tissues that stabilize the spine to function - shorten and lengthen as needed to maintain and regain proper placement of the segments of the spine. Once we have good stability and function of these tissues then we can gain more mobility - safely. Your workouts should include various movements while maintaining and regaining spinal stability. Now go out and move.

In my Core & More Zoom classes we incorporate more ways to create and strengthen core stability, safely.


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